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Discover Laravel Breeze

Laravel breeze is the new official authentification package with Blade and Tailwind CSS

Laravel Breeze is a composer package helping us to start new projects by offering a minimalist authentification system using Blade and Tailwind CSS.

This is one of the most recent projects from Taylor Otwell with Laravel Sail. You can find it here on github:

What is Laravel Breeze

this package came as a consequence of many complaints about Laravel 8, considered too difficult because of Laravel Jetstream.

Laravel Breeze is a scaffold with the routes, the controllers, the form requests, the views, the style and the tests.

The big feature is that the whole package is published into your source code. You can then modify all the logic, the views and the style!

It only uses Bladee and Tailwind CSS, which makees it a perfect choice for the people who already know Laravel but not the other existing scaffold technologies. Reminder,  you can find alternatives in Laravel UI, based on React or VueJS and Laravel Jetstream, using Blade + Livewire or VueJS + InertiaJS.

In concrete terme, what do we find in Laravel Breeze?

For a minimalist package, it offers plenty of options ! It contains a complete user management system with registration, connexion, password recovery, email checking, password confirmation and disconnection.

Installation du projet

In a brand new Laravel project, you can simply add Breeze with composer:

Since the original publishing of this article, you can now install Breeze with a views compatibility with InertiaJS.